There are several side tasks in DESOLATE. We will tell you more about each of them.

First, you need repair workbenches, monoliths, repeaters and pneumatic elevators to use their.

Repeaters in DESOLATE

After repair and launch of the repeater, question marks will appear on the map near it. Zoom out the map to see them. In the distance, «questions» disappear. All questions point to other interesting objects — not yet open monoliths, workbenches, villages, traders, etc.

Repair all repeaters:

  • Repeater “Vetryaki”: metronome x1, transformer x
  • Repeater “Stadion”: iron x1, microscope x
  • Repeater “Grachevsk”: metronome x1, radio x
  • Repeater “Chernovsk”: fan x1, transformer x

Monoliths in DESOLATE

These objects are used as checkpoints. When a character dies, you are given a choice of two options: return to the base (in the Oasis) or to the nearest monolith. In the second case, we are talking about activated monoliths. You need to repair to activate the monolith.

DESOLATE side questsDESOLATE side quests
DESOLATE side quests

Repair of all monoliths:

  • Monolith Yuzniy bereg: iron x2, toaster x
  • Monolith «Peak Granichniy»: fan x2, metronome x
  • Monogolit «Lugovniki»: box x1, toaster x
  • Monolith «Garages»: toaster x1, casket x
  • Monolith “Aerodrome”: iron x2, fan x

Pneumatic lifts in DESOLATE

These objects are used in the game to quickly move. There are a total of three pairs of lift in Granichniy, and you can only move from one to another and back. All of them are divided into the first, second and third lines. The corresponding numbers are shown on their markers on the map.

Repair all air lifts:

  • Lift “Line-1”: iron x1, microscope x
  • Lift “Line-2”: box x1, radio x
  • Lift “Line-3”: box x1, microscope x

Note. In addition, white and red anomalies can be used to quickly travel to DESOLATE. Find anomaly, take a screenshot of the map and remember the place where it moves you (second screenshot). Anomalies may disappear, but soon appear in the same place.

DESOLATE Workbenches

These objects are used for crafting various items. There is a workbench at the base in Oasis, as well as at several points of the map.

Repair all workbenches:

  • Workbench «Beam-2″(Luch-2): gas lamp x1, casket x1, electric motor x
  • Workbench «South Coast»(Yuzniy bereg): gas lamp x1, casket x1, electric motor x
  • Workbench «Beam-1»(Luch-1): gas lamp x1, microscope x1, radio x
  • Workbench “Y.M.A.”: gas lamp x1, fan x1, radio receiver x1, metronome x
  • Hospital workbench: fan x1, microscope x1, electric motor x
  • Workbench «Garages»: transformer x1, iron x
  • Workbench «Airfield»: metronome x1, iron x
  • Workbench «Farm»: radio x1, iron x
  • Workbench «Church»: box x1, radio x

Oasis Base

In the Oasis is the personal base of the player (players, if in a cooperative). Go downstairs and find the oven, the workbench and the medical station. You need to perform repairs to use them. After that, each object can be studied and modified. At the medical station, you can be treated for free. Use the workbench and the stove to create improved objects.

Crafting table:

  • Repair: microscope x1, toaster x
  • Upgrade: transformer x1, fan x1, casket x
  • Bake:
  • Repair: microscope x1, radio x1, fan x
  • Improvement: transformer x1, radio x1, gas lamp x

Medical station:

  • Repair: radio x1, electromotor x
  • Enhance: transformer x2, radio x

In addition, you can decorate your own room at the base in the Oasis. You can buy various items from merchant Michael just above.

All merchants in DESOLATE

The main trader is Michael in the Oasis, where you will get to the plot. In addition to it, you can meet several other people:

  • In Zalegorsk.
  • North of “Luch-1” (and west of the “Peak Granichniy” radio tower).
  • In Lugovniki.
  • In Raduga stores.

And now for the walkthrough of side quests:

Shopkeeper Michael will give you this task. Talk to him, then move to the specified location and inspect the dead body. Answer the phone, after which you will need to find the next crime scene.

Прохождение побочных квестов DESOLATEПрохождение побочных квестов DESOLATE
DESOLATE side quests

Move to square A5. As soon as you find yourself in it, the marker will indicate the desired building. Go inside, look at the corpse and pick up the note lying on the drawer in the right corner. If there is no note, and the goal is “to study the notes”, then you will need to stand next to the stand, go to the main menu and restart the game. The note will appear in seconds. Have time to pick it up.


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